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Margaux Interiors

Margaux is a design studio that is inspired by creativity and practicality. WE want to convey a sense of well being.

Meet the designer

Margarita R. Courtney


She has been in the design/decorating business for the last 30 years. Originally from Puerto Rico, she grew up in a home where beauty and art were appreciated. She credits her Mom with instilling in her a love of furniture, antiques and hand-crafted objects “I have always had a passion for beauty”.

She attained a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Puerto Rico and did studies towards a Master degree at Tulane University. She has travelled extensively to Europe and Asia adding to her design sensitivity.

She opened “Margaux Interiors” after her four children were in school in 1988 when Bayside opened and has been part of the Miami design scene ever since.

Her design philosophy is one of simplicity and elegance. She believes Miami is a city of intense light and clear blue/aqua waters. It is also a multi-cultural city. This combination creates the opportunity and freedom for a very unique look and a fresh color palette. “I like to keep colors light using soft whites and crisp greys with touches of soft blues and aquas. Punches of color can be introduced to bring in our lush vegetation and our varied multi-cultures into the design”.

She feels that your home should reflect where you come from, who you are and where your future will take you. “When we design a home we are very cognizant of our client's personality, taste, and desires. We transform your interiors into the home of your dreams”
Margarita R. Courtney”.